How to Hide Last Seen On Facebook Chat – 2017 ( 3 Method Added )


We are going to proportion an easy trick on hiding remaining visible in your Facebook chat field. Today our subject matter is ready hiding the remaining seen of the Facebook chat. Go through the entire put up to know approximately it.

Today we are with the method on Hiding Last Seen in Facebook Chat. Today, extra than billions of people are the usage of Facebook, and a sizeable number of social media networks are developing an increasing number of.Today there are numerous people that require privacy of their chats and don’t need other to make sure that they have got study their message or now not. So on this submit, I will let you know a method via which you may easily Hide Last Seen In Facebook chat. Read the below Post.

Hide Last Seen in Facebook Chat In Google Chrome ?

1. First of all, installation and open the Google Chrome Browser of your computer. Now within the browser, open the link by means of clicking right here.

Visit Here

2. Now you’ll see unseen Facebook extension inside the web page displayed. Now click on install there and installation procedure will begin, and the extension will get added for your browser.

3. That’s it! You are accomplished now, and you may easily see all of the messages without showing theLast seen on that with this extension.

Hide Last Seen in Facebook Chat In Mozilla Firefox ?

1. First of all, deploy and open the Mozilla Firefox Browser of your pc. Now installation the plugin stealth by way of clicking right here.

Visit Here

2. That’s it! You are done, now you can without difficulty see all of the messages without displaying the seen on that with this extension.

Easiest Method :-

This is simple manner nearly each knows. In case you don’t then should study about it.If you don’t want to install any kind of extension then the option to be had for you is, by way of it doing manually.

1. To do this while a person send you a message then visit inbox area >> Read the message >> After long press Cheat >> that click Mark as unread choice.

2. Now for all of us in which you need to cover seen option.

3. Every time you need to click on Mark as unread choice after studying his or her message.

4. Done !!

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